Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tip number 72

Napping as a skill

There comes a point on a long hiking day when I succumb the overriding urge to close my eyes in the sun. The afternoon siesta can be a beautiful thing. I encourage you to practice this beloved mountain skill. And I confidently predict you’ll achieve mastery, even on the first try.

Ingenious Napping Checklist:

~ Find a spot well away from the trial so other hikers won’t worry that you’re dead.
~ Take your shoes and socks off and let those feet air out!
~ If it’s buggy, find a spot with a slight breeze.
~ If you are in Grizzly country, keep the bear spray handy.
~ Use your backpack as a pillow.
~ Don’t get sunburned.

Should you set an alarm? I don’t, (because I don't carry a watch) I find that the entire napping process, from picking the perfect spot to being back on the trail (with sleep in between), usually clocks in at exactly an hour.

This process of afternoon renewal can be effectively followed with coffee on the trail. (see tip 130, coffee on the trail)

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