Monday, July 23, 2012

treating water using a tiny MIX bottle (video)

This is an advanced technique, so it requires a long and detailed video.

For more info, read tip number 106, How I treat AQUAMIRA. I advocate a system that doesn't quite match what is recommended on the packaging. The advantage is a profound time savings and an increased efficiency on the trail.

3cc plastic bottle, wheighs 2 grams

I am constantly asked where I get those little bottles.

My reply, I get 'em HERE.

You can purchase these dinky little bottles on-line. If you do make an order, get more than you think you’ll need because the shipping will cost more than the bottles. Your camping pals will be envious, and at 21 cents each, you can happily give them away.


Mike Clelland! said...

Oooops. I misread the instructions. Throughout the video I say that you should wait 7 minutes for the A & B to activate in the little white cup.

But, the instructions actually say to wait 5 minutes.

Oh well.

Basti said...

After I read about this in your book I had to try in on trail immediately. It's indeed a great skill! No more waiting at water sources for the Aquamira to be ready to be used. Thanks for that!
Unfortunately the only proper mix-bottle I could find is a tiny glass bottle normally used for baking flavors. Maybe you've got a hint we're one can find something better?

Chris Wallace said...

3cc for the premix and 6cc for the a & b?

Anonymous said...

For the weight conscious, I just weighed a set of ten of the black 3 cc bottles with dropper insert and cap: average 2 grams each.


surface water purification said...

Hey,i have this 3cc bottle.Realy great.Dropper bottles are ideal for applications where little measures of liquid are required.Bottles accompany a push in drop dispenser and a twist on cap.All bottles are made of low thickness polyethylene.Thank you.
~Emily Reed.

Anonymous said...

what about contamination of the threads of your bottle?

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