Saturday, July 9, 2011

The contents of my pack (video tip)

Check it out. You get to see my very nice cat Spazzy!


And - If you wanna see a very tidy list for a summer trip click HERE.

This is pretty similar to what I show above (and in the book), but the list on this link is has a lot of extra information.


Basti said...

Hej Mike.
Thanks for this smart video of yours!
You're right with "waterproofs don't need to be stored waterproofed." Something I discover myself still doing from time to time... Why? Don't know! Maybe old habits sneaking in.

I used to store my fuel in a platybus, too. But I (and some of my friend, too!) discovered that the alcohol delaminates the plastic! Something I don't want to happen on a trail. That's why I now switched to a normal PET-bottle similar to the ones you use for water. (I've got a beautiful collection of all sizes to chose from, depending on the length of the trip)

Eager waiting for your next video to come!

Cesar said...

Nice video. I just ordered a Golite Jam, but I have never trimmed a pack before. You should do a video on how to trim and what to get rid of.

Also want to say thanks for all the tips you gave me on BPL when I was new to UL. I went from a 20 pound base weight, down to around 9 pounds. I just posted my latest gear list on my blog in case you are interested. I am enjoying myself more than I was before with more energy (which I can spend on fun stuff like swimming, fishing, mushroom picking, etc.), plus I can also go longer distances.

Keep up the good work, and good luck with your book (I plan on ordering one soon when I have the cash :) )