Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This CAT FOOD STOVE image never made it to the book

I realized that this cartoon (above) never made it into the book. Drat! This cartoon shows a pot setting right on top of a simple cat food can stove. This is the most common way to use a cat food style stove and the way I recommend.

This illustration (above) is in the book on page 100. This is another technique to use a cat food stove. This set-up with the 3 tent-stakes (as a stove stand) is rarely used, but sometimes it helps improve the burning depending on any number of circumstances. It works, but not as well as the system shown in the top illustration. This was an oversight, I wish the book would have been published with both these pictures, with this lower image being labeled as another option. I realize this might seem confusing to the readers of my book.

Here's a video of UL Super-Star Andrew Skurka making a Fancy Feast Cat Food Can Stove. He shows in in use with a small pot. If you are using a larger pot, just make a larger stove with a 3 3/8 inch diameter aluminium cat food can.


Anonymous said...

You could still set the stakes into the ground to support the pot in this lower position.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like good ol' self-flagellation, eh? It appears the tent-skewer illustration is for the two-man setup outlined by Skurka the Magnificent as the can is wider in diameter than the one-man illustration that didn't make the book. Regardless, anyone who actually makes either of these stoves will screw around with them until they work. most efficiently. keep up the good work. Just think about how much lighter the book was by losing that first illustration.

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Liama Jhons said...

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