Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Teton Crest

pretty views and verbal camera directions

A short little video showing Pete and myself coming to terms with our middle-aged-ness, all while carrying ultralight backpacks.

We did the complete Teton Crest, from the Flagg Ranch road all the way to Teton Pass, 7-days and 6-nights. Out starting pack weights (with full rations, ice axes and bear spray) was 19 pounds for myself, and 23 pounds for Pete. That means I won!



Mike's ALMOST Ultra-Light said...

Mike - Fantastic video and love your book - wish I had before I went on my first hike for 3 days carrying 50 lbs but then I guess you can't be a real ultra-lighter without having a heavy pack once or twice.
My question after watching your video is how did you keep your feet dry or did you even try?
Thanks for all your wisdom!

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to the comment above:

We didn't even try to keep our feet wet. We both wore extremely thin "marathon running" socks, and this allowed our nylon shoes to dry fast.

For long stretches of snow travel, we both wore 5.5 oz Neoprene Socks (as noted in my book).

These kept our feet warm, but everything got soaked.

I do not advocate extra "river crossing" shoes or "camp shoes"

Mike C

Mike's ALMOST Ultra-Light said...

Thanks Mike - I'm going with two friends to the Bob Marshall Wilderness this August and will have to cross a river/creek or two.
Do you ever take your shoes off to cross water?

Mike Clelland! said...

I absolutely NEVER NEVER NEVER take off my shoes to cross a river. (NEVER EVER)

It's in the book. (hint)

I just walk thru the water. Its fine.

Wear lightweight nylon shoes, no leather. Wear the thinest socks you can find.

Do not take camp shoes.

Wet feet are fine. it's hot in August, it'll feel good.

Anonymous said...

Mike, good to see something new on your site. I do check once in a while. I've learned a lot through your book and tutorials, and deeply appreciate both.
Very inspiring video, enjoy middle age, it goes by quickly! I'm sure you have a lot more years than I do, but maybe I'll see you out there, thanks again for the inspiration.


Mike's ALMOST Ultra-Light said...

Mike thanks for your response another question concerning backpacking in bear country - experts suggest to eat/cook in different clothes you sleep in - thoughts on this - do you do this?

Mike Clelland! said...

I have camped in grizzly country a LOT, I live near yellowstone and have spent a decade worth of summers in Alaska and I've never actually seen anybody wear a separate set of clothes for cooking.

Nobody does this.

Read the book! (I have a good chapter on bear camping)

If you were getting drunk while frying bacon and trout, maybe an extra wind-shirt would be appropriate to wear while cooking. But UL campers have minimal food issues. But, A tiny cup of pasta noodles, a good clean up and a bear hang with string won't make a bear crazy with food lust.

I absolutely advocate bear spray in a holster on your hip.

Don't take a bear canister. Take a 50 feet of string.

Mike's ALMOST Ultra-Light said...

Thanks again Mike!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,
I love your book, and it`s great to get some more inpiration do keep it light through this blog, too :-) I`ve nominated your blog for the "Liebster Award", - if you want to find out more about it, have a look at my blog at Have a nice backpackin´ summer :-) With greetings from Greenland, Ruth

Courtney Galler said...

I love the video. Personally, I leave my shoes on to cross rivers. I can always dry them off later, and my feet are going to get wet anyways. Might as well protect them. I'm debating on buying all new backpacking gear. Brand-spanking-new and ready to go. Thoughts?

Ric said...

Absolutely enjoyed your video, especially the ending. Thanks so much for sharing!

So what was in the gunk???

Also, no bear spray for the trip???


Mike Clelland! said...

1) The "Gunk" is called SUPER SPACKLE and the recipe is in my book. It is basically almond butter, cashew butter and agave syrup (and some almond oil)

20 We both had bear spray on our packs, easily seen in holsters on our hips. This was grizzly terrain, and we saw a big griz on day-1

Mike C

Tentspro said...

"Camera operation noon professional" he he hee !! did good job. Anyway The total video is really so good and energetic . I like your ideas .

Tracy Smith said...

Great video and I love your book. Was the traverse from Table Mountain to Hurricane Pass scary or did all the soft snow make it easier?

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