Sunday, September 25, 2011

caramelized onion sauce

This is a recipe that is NOT included in the book, but it's heart wrenchingly wonderful. I'm adding it here to this blog as a way to share the love!


3 yellow onions (finely chopped)
5 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
1 red pepper (finely chopped)
4 oz olive oil
2 oz peanut oil (or any high heat oil)
1 oz soy sauce
1 oz hot sauce
tablespoon tahini
tea spoon salt
tea spoon pepper
dash of vinegar
dash of sugar

(all weights above are measures, not weight)

Start by cooking the finely chopped onions in a large skillet on low heat with the peanut oil. Stir frequently for approximately 20 minutes, until the onions are caramelized and brown.

Add the finely chopped garlic and red pepper let cook approximately 10 minutes.

Add the soy sauce, hot sauce, salt, pepper, vinegar and sugar. Let this cook another 10 minutes or so. The stuff in your pan should be brown and gooey.

Take off the heat and let cool for a few minutes.

Put the warm concoction in a blender or food processor with the olive oil and tahini. Blend until smooth.

You will now have a brown flavor packed sauce that can be added to your camping meals. Carry it in a small lightweight plastic bootle. Approx. 2 ounces (in weight) per person per meal will bring tears of joy at dinner time.

I'm a cook that ignores recipes, I pretty much just wing it in the kitchen. I encourage anyone reading this to get creative and tweak the above recipe to meet their own needs, and to match whatever you might have on hand in your pantry!

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

Love it.

David Noll

Anonymous said...

I just made this. It's even better than the onion sauce recipe Mike posted on BPL a few years ago, if that's possible.

Alpine Pedestrian