Tuesday, September 20, 2011

toothpaste dots

Tip number 54 in the book is how to make toothpaste "dots" by drying stuff out of the tube yourself. But look what I just found (thanks Clayton)! Linked HERE.

Product description:
Archtek's Toothpaste Tablets are a chewable tablet that replaces paste in a tube and creates an incredibly clean feeling mouth. The tablet is placed in the mouth, chewed, followed by normal brushing and rinsing. Chew, brush, go! Travel-friendly Toothpaste Tablets are lightweight, more sanitary than toothpaste and the packaging is recyclable. Less mess, less weight, more green, more sanitary.


John Roan said...

Nice find Mr C! I'm kind of stuck on the idea of a few drops of Dr. B's peppermint soap, which I carry any way, but I bet this tastes better!

RyanHC said...


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