Wednesday, February 2, 2011

video tutorials

Here is the entirety of my instructional videos. These short little tutorials match what I say in the book.

Ultralight backpacking is a revolutionary act.

Ease of travel with an ultralight pack.

The clothes I wear (and carry) in 3-season weather. 
I also pull my pants down as an educational technique.

The entire contents of my pack, all of it!

All the DINKY stuff, Part ONE. This means the little items.

All the DINKY stuff, Part TWO. 
The first-aid kit, repair kit and the cook kit.

Treating suspect water in the backcountry.

Is it okay to drink UN-treated water?

Muffins are easy. But more important, 
this instructional video features my beautiful hands!

Alas, my claim to fame on YouTube (with over 14,000 hits). 
Also featured is my Main Man, Scott Christy. 
Videographer, none other than Andrew Skurka!

UL Superstar Andrew Skurka creates 
a VERY cool little stove from an old cat food can. 
This is an impressive little unit, 
a monument to simplicity and efficiency.


Joe Newton said...

The book is ace. The vids are acer! Both inspired me to root out stuff sacks with a vengeance and revel in the resulting simplicity.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you do not have a plate or bowl as part of your cook set up? How do you make pasta, wouldn't you need a pot for boiling the pasta and another for the sauce?

Is the cat stove made with a small tin of fancy feast cat meal, what is the size and dimension of the can?

Thanks great videos!!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to post up more of your wonderful educational videos. Like setting up your shelter, cooking a meal, your sleeping system, Any of the wonderful things that you mention in your book.

Mike Clelland! said...

More will be coming! Fear not!

Its winter where I live, so I'll need to wait for spring. But, I may do a RECIPE and FOOD PLANNING video next...

Anonymous said...

Nice job and thanks for the funny and informative videos! I'm doing a fair amount of this already, but its good to see how someone else does it as well.

Keep at it and maybe see ya on the trail in CO or WY.

Haven't seen your book, but a fun trick I did last year was to get an extra extra large zip lock, fill it with water, put something black behind it and leave it in the sun. A while later, nice warm sponge bath water! Felt great after the long haul in and a few days in the back country.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what sort of use you might make of the razor blade? And what do you actually do with the Hydropel; do you wait until you already have a blister and treat it, or do you put it on every day to prevent one?

Thanks, really helpful ideas!

Mike Clelland! said...

Hydropel is no longer avalable - but there is another very good ointment using a similar "recipe" called TRAIL TOES

and - i use a razor blade in lu of a knife, what do i really need to cut? Maybe a price of string? I also lik to take VERY tiny scissors.

Danepacker said...

Great videos and very informative. Love the muffin video. I'm more of a gourmet backpacker, cooking Pad Thai, spaghetti, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.

As a confirmed ESBIT user I like the emphasis on UL cook sets. My 3 cup pot & CC Sidewinder stove do it for me. In winter the Inferno insert lets me cook with wood.

Please do a winter video!

Unknown said...

I eschew alcohol as a backpacking fuel. Too much weight for longer trips compared to ESBIT.

Instead I use a Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti Caldera Cone with ESBIT in a Brian Green modified tablet holder. That fuel gives me the lightest fuel load I can find. And with the 3 cup aluminum Open Country pot that came with my Sidewinder stove I think I've found ESBIT's "sweet spot" for efficiency. That translates to less fuel carried. Plus the stove is very light.

It's a Goldilocks system of stove type and pot size that is "Just right" for solo cooking with ESBIT.

The Rest of the Gear:
True, I could get a Cuben fiber tent like a Hexamid or Skyscape X but for my budget the Tarptent Moment DW is just right. And for winter with the optional X-ing pole run inside the fly I have a good, solid 4 season solo tent.

An Osprey EXOS 58 pack and Western Mountaineering sleeping bag W/Thermaest Prolite mattress rounds out my "Big Three".

Yes there are lighter options but I like comfort on and off the trail and one or two pounds extra is a price I'm willing to pay.

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