Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Teton Crest

pretty views and verbal camera directions

A short little video showing Pete and myself coming to terms with our middle-aged-ness, all while carrying ultralight backpacks.

We did the complete Teton Crest, from the Flagg Ranch road all the way to Teton Pass, 7-days and 6-nights. Out starting pack weights (with full rations, ice axes and bear spray) was 19 pounds for myself, and 23 pounds for Pete. That means I won!


Saturday, December 26, 2015

how to get cute little dropper bottles

cute little bottles

One question I get asked over and over is - where do I get those cute little bottles?

  I order them thru this site HERE  

You can purchase these dinky little bottles on-line. If you do make an order, get a lot more than you think you’ll need because the shipping will probably cost more than the bottles. These things are pretty cheap. Your camping pals will be envious, and at 21 cents each, you can happily give them away.

See this post HERE for using the tiny MIX bottle for Aqua-Mira. For this job, I recommend the 3cc Black Cylinder Bottle with 8 mm Dropper Cap.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

retail ordering for the book

All the info required for retail ordering is listed below.
Any questions? Please lemme know!

By Mike Clelland! 
$14.95 retail

Trade Paperback / 144 pages

$14.95 Retail / $7.48 wholesale with a 10 book minimum order

For a full carton, please order in increments of 24 books. ________________________________________________
Introductory offer for new customers:
order 24 or more copies, and receive free shipping on your first order!

10 copies = $74.80 + $6 shipping = $80.80 (50% discount)

24 copies = $179.52 + free shipping = $179.52 (50% + free shipping special)

Other quantity (10 book minimum order for a 50% discount)
FalconGuides 246 Goose Lane PO Box 480 Guilford CT 06437 ________________________________________________ 
Please fax your order to: 203-458-4610 

Call: Max Phelps at 203-458-4551 

Or e-mail: Max.Phelps @


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

modern journalism

minimal info, white text on a black background

Backpacker magazine (AUG 2014) did a one page thing on going ultralight. I have strong opinions on this kind of highly art-directed "journalism". There isn't much information here, just incredibly short little bits. At least the info is accurate. This same magazine did a similar spread a while back, and that one really bugged me, they got almost everything wrong. That previous "article" is linked HERE (one page imageand HERE (full text).

You can click on either image for a HI-rez view. The one below is the same scanned page, but it's  been reversed for easier reading

same image, reversed