Saturday, December 26, 2015

how to get cute little dropper bottles

cute little bottles

One question I get asked over and over is - where do I get those cute little bottles?

  I order them thru this site HERE  

You can purchase these dinky little bottles on-line. If you do make an order, get a lot more than you think you’ll need because the shipping will probably cost more than the bottles. These things are pretty cheap. Your camping pals will be envious, and at 21 cents each, you can happily give them away.

See this post HERE for using the tiny MIX bottle for Aqua-Mira. For this job, I recommend the 3cc Black Cylinder Bottle with 8 mm Dropper Cap.


Conie|Timeshare Myths said...

Nice, thanks for the info :D

Unknown said...


I stumbled across your videos on YouTube at the beginning of the year when looking for backpacking tips in prep for a super short hike at Pictured Rocks in May. Those videos led me to your blog, which led me to your book, which led me to the other books you had a hand in creating. I became hooked on learning all I could about Ultralight backpacking.

I cannot wait to test out my new/improved UL system. I have already started using parts of it in my daily walks/excursions.

Thank you. No.

I use to lug around 50 plus pounds on weekend trips! I look back and wonder why I never wised up! My back thanks me every day. And in turn, I just cannot thank you enough for putting all of this information out there. Without your guidance, my back would still be breaking on every trip into the woods.

Again, thank you!

~Reborn UL Hiker

Renee said...

Awesome! Knowing I had seen these bottles before and not finding them in the stores, I was just about to scour the web to see if I could find them... perfect timing! I leave for a 30 day/500 km pilgrimage in October and have been using your ultralight tips to make my pack as light a possible. Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if these bottles can safely repackage DEET? I want to put some Jungle Juice in a dinky bottle, but am wary about which plastics it will "eat."


Anonymous said...

Re: the DEET, you want High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Unknown said...

Can you tell me what size you use for the bottle a and b water purifier solution. I think you list the black bottle size in your book but if you can post it here too that would be awesome. What size of other bottles do you put liquids in? Just trying to figure out what you do and try to replicate your book and videos...

Dave said...

Interesting. Will have to look around for a Canadian supplier.

sweerek said...


Might you work with US Plastics Corp (just down the road from me) to create a Mike's Special Mini-bottle collection?

I dropped them a suggestion to create such a pre-packaged kit of XX number of XX variety of bottles. I think if you'll do the same and outline what that collection contains, I think you'd help a lotta folks.

Anonymous said...

Splendid information you have given here in the blog, you have actually impressed me yes!!

Jhon Jamon said...

I find them in every motel room as giveaways. Fish them out of the trash, wash them and poof. There you go.

Anonymous said...

I've read your book, but I'm still not clear on how long Aqua Mira lasts pre-mixed? Any idea how long is too long to leave it pre-mixed? Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for all the good info! Where did you get that "balm jar" for the hydropel?

Suzan Baker said...

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