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Liberate yourself from Toilet paper

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I’m always disapointed when my camping team-mates walk into the woods for a dump run, and they bring along their toilet paper. Good grief, what kind of Wilderness experience is that? Mankind has been pooping in the woods since we climbed down out of the trees, and toilet paper (TP) is a pretty recent invention when you look at human history.

We live in a society with user-friendly toilets and they all come equipped with a wonderful roll of TP. There’s nothing for us to think about, we do our duty, wipe and flush. We’ve created a very nice convenience, but it’s separated us from what should be a very simple bit of outdoor know-how.

Why are so many campers so dependent on toilet paper? I would have to guess that they’ve never in their life used anything other than the store bought stuff on a roll. Or, they’ve had a bad experience with their one-and-only time with natural wiping material. It’s a sad truth, Natural Butt-Wiping is a lost art.

Too many people bury their used TP, or worse, they just leave it on the surface. We don’t have to deal with it in the bathroom, we simply flush. Sadly, this transfers to not dealing in the backcountry too. It’s left as trash out of an inability to deal.

The ultralight benefits? Not having TP obviously saves 100% of its weight. But beyond that, you are liberated from something that we think we need.

Over the decades, I have found an awful lot of used toilet paper in the mountains and it’s disgusting. (see tip <<< 44 > Practice Leave No Trace camping >>>) My heart sinks every time. And please know, I actually do something about it, I clean it up. Finding used toilet paper leaves me absolutely disgusted at all of humanity. I deal with these piles of white (and brown) toilet paper, I’ll either burn it or carry it out, and I don’t shy away from this thankless chore. Am I a weirdo zealot about not using toilet paper? Sure enough, but it wells up from dealing with other people’s laziness.

If you do choose to bring store bought toilet paper, I feel strongly that it must be carried out and not just left in the backcountry (for me to find). Triple bag it before it goes back in your pack. Burning is not recommended because this is an all too common cause of forest fires.

What to use?
Please know, the backcountry is home to a plentitude of wonderful wiping things. Any camper who wants to make fun of natural TP will immediately sneer and mention pinecones. Yes, just the image of a pinecone with all those pointy things makes my butt wince. With very few exceptions, pinecones do NOT work! But, if you find a batch from a Douglas Fir, you got the goods!

If you have snow available, you will have a stupendously clean bunghole! No foolin’ - snow has all the properties that make it the crème de la crème of natural butt wiping. Don’t use gloves, use you bare hand and make a snowball by squeezing. Don’t make round snowball shape, you want to create a pointy feature for the business end. Snow is the perfect combo of smooth and abrasive, it’s just wet enough for a little extra cleaning power, and it’s white! The whiteness will allow the wiper to accurately monitor any residue in the area in question. Plus, if you have snow, you usually have a LOT of it.

Here’s an insight into my personal wiping habits: I use a LOT of wiping material. I am never satisfied until I know that things are super-duper-clean. I encourage you to strive for the same high standards.

River rocks
Smooth and elegant, these polished beauties are the second best behind snow. Before visiting your private zone, collect a load of these rocks. Not to big, not too small, a little flat, a little pointy and definitely NOT round. Once again, grab a lot of ‘em.

For the most part, leaves don’t work, they can be thin and easily torn. If you do use little leaves, use a small stack of them so your finger tip doesn’t poke through at the wrong moment. I’ve had better luck using the back side of leaves, where the raised veins can act as little scrubbers.

Please know, not all leaves are below par. Most of the Northern hemisphere has been graced with a gangly weed called Mullein (Verbascum thapsus), and a very similar plant called Wooly Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina). These are both rather homely plants, but the leaves are like the wings of an angel. They are big, thick, strong, fuzzy and satisfying. These are pretty common, and they grow in clumps. If you are collecting these leaves, please carefully get them from a multiple plants, taking just a few leaves from each. Do not strip one of these cute fuzzy plants of all their leaves just to guarantee yourself a tidy butt. You don’t need to kill anything for hygiene!

Smooth sticks

A downed tree with dry weathered branches can be wonderful. Look for a collection of sticks about an inch in diameter, with minimal poking protuberances. Pick the smoothest side for wiping, taking advantage of the long featureless length of the stick.

Wooly lambs Ear

There is a fuzzy plant that is like being caressed by an angel. Also called Mulen.

Old Man’s Beard
Have you ever marveled at that weird electric yellow moss that hangs from the pine trees? This stuff is great. Once again, grab a little bit from multiple trees.

A goodly clump of grass makes for a pretty good cleaning tool. For a nice stiff set of bristles, you can fold the grass into a very tidy little brush. Grab the grass from a big zone, avoid stripping an area of all it’s green stuff.

Size required
For obvious reasons you'll want to keep your hands away from the contaminants that you’re trying to wipe away. So, whatever you use - make sure it’s big enough to keep your fingers a good distance from the working area.

The butt scuff on dewey tufts of grass
Sometimes you are in an environment with tufts of grass that look like little fright wigs. These will usually come in groups, and on a calm dewy morning, there is nothing more wonderful in the world. You can sit on one of these like a bicycle seat, and slide yourself along, letting the tuft do its scouring duty, if you find a row of these get ready to cry tears of joy. And if you have a little bit of downhill slope to work with, the job is a lot easier.

Plan ahead and prepare
Before the urge becomes a raging alarm, there are a few small things you’ll need to do. The act of collecting the wiping tools may take a little time and some searching. Start planning well before the need arises. Begin filling your pockets with nice smooth rocks, lots of ‘em (or leaves, sticks, etc). Keep an eye out for the perfect collection of broad leaf plants. Is it a short walk to a batch of snow still unmelted from last winter?

Do not - I repeat, DO NOT just squat down and expect to find the perfect wiping material within arms reach. It won’t be there, I know from experience. No need to describe this unpleasant dilemma.

The cat-hole
You will need to dig a shallow hole, and the UL tool of choice is a tent stake. The thin wire stakes won’t work, you’ll need at least one stake that is a little more stout. A trekking pole is a good tool too, just make sure to hold it low near the pointy end while digging. Other options are a sharp stick or a pointy rock.

The recommended technique espoused by Wilderness authorities says to take a trowel and dig a 6 to 8 inch deep hole. This is easy to draw (I know, I’ve drawn it in multiple books) but it can hard to actually do. There are a lot of places where the ground is too hard and it simply will not work, even with the best metal trowel. In some environments the soil is too rocky (or too dense) to get down that deep. If you can’t dig down deep enough, go wider, or create a shallow trench. No good answer here, my advice is to do the very best job you can do, whatever the circumstances.

The goal is to get the fecal matter to decompose in the organic soil near the surface. The micro-organisms will do their job and eventually change the dubious properties into something sterile, how long this might take is hard to say, but it will happen a lot faster in rich living top soil. It will happen exceedingly slow on the surface or under rocks. Please understand, there is the very real potential to contaminate water sources with human feces, so the simple act of properly burying your waist is a necessary undertaking.

After the bomb is dropped in the hole, take a little time to stir it up and mix it well with the organic soil. Yes, this basically means you get to play with your own poop. This important stirring process can dramatically accelerate the decomposition time. Please use a stick and not the tent stake.

At the end, refill the hole, and cover the ground in a way will disguise your job site. Take pride in this step, it’s a nice role to allow future visitors a pristine visual experience.

What to do with the used material?
After wiping you’ll need to dispose of the natural toilet paper. If you’ve dug a deep enough hole, depositing the wipers in there is a great solution. Re-fill the hole, and you’re done. But, sometimes you can only get the first few wipers in the hole because it’s too full (or barely deep enough) so you’ll have to toss the rest of ‘em. Carefully look around for a good place to deliver the contaminated post-wipe product. Avoid any spot a fellow camper may travel or step, and think about where water will run in the rain. Under a big bush is a good solution.


Wash your hands when you’re done, this is a vital part of the whole process. Don’t be a slob - fecal contamination is the cause of backcountry NVD! That’s Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhea!

For the highest degree of success, employ your teammate as a helper. When you come back from your dump-run, tell ‘em that you’ll require their assistance. They can dig thru the pack (let them touch things with clean hands) getting the soap and a water bottle. They put the soap in your hands and they pour the water. Your contaminated hands touch nothing.

Hygiene tools
I always carry soap and alcohol hand sanitizing gel, both repackaged in tiny dropper bottles. These are essential safety components in my backcountry kit of dinky things. For soap, I am a devote of Dr. Bronner’s, and Almond is my favorite.

Time required
The humble act of pooping in the woods involves a goodly amount of busy work. You need to collect the wiping material, find a private spot, dig a cat-hole, fill it, wipe effectively, stir the poop, fill the hole back in, disguise the little area and wash your hands. Plus, you need to do a good job on each of these important steps.

If your partner says it’s dump time and then comes back after just a minute, do NOT let ‘em put their hand in your bag of gorp! To do a good job requires at least 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

About toilet paper.
Ever since we visited India with my parents (I was 6 then, now I'm over 30), I live without toilet paper. Just water and left hand. I do not need toilet paper substitudes.
And of course wash your hands after. If you'd have shit in your face you'd also use water. You wouldn't just wipe it off with whatever.
Easy to use, big comfort, as if made for it.
Too often I think that those toilet paper users do not always wash hands after business.

Anonymous said...

Just take a extra washcloth and soap. Use the wet soapy washcloth to clean yourself, wash it out and put it back in a ziplock bag for next time. Nothing you will find in the woods will ever clean you as well as a soapy wash cloth.

Mike Clelland! said...

I advocate something similar, without the need for the washcloth.

Roleigh said...

How do you avoid contaminating your fingernails? Once they get contaminated, I would think it would be very hard to get them 100% clean unless you bring a nail clipper along on the hike. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Use wet naps I'm not getting sick because I wiped with the wrong leaf

Unknown said...

I appreciate the spirit behind this post. That is, foregoing modern amenities for a little bit of knowledge. However, ecotourism is on the rise and the large influx of population is putting a lot of stress on the trails. Bring some tp. Don't pull out plants, especially if you don't know how to ID plants and you end up, for instance, pulling out an endangered sedge. And that's just irresponsible to recommend wiping your butt across multiple plants. Remember, you're a visitor on the trails, so act accordingly.

JT said...

For the last year (over 30 days backpacking) my wife and I have both done without TP. We discovered the joy of using smooth sticks, rocks, water & "Dr. B" vs TP and how much cleaner we are afterword. Plus, there is no chance of animals digging up TP, no extra volume taken up in the pack, and as a bonus... it's fun to talk about and watch others squirm--until they try it and convert!

bob B said...

I think it's good to know how to do without, but if you aren't planning a weeks-long trip, bring biodegradable TP or brown napkins, old newspaper. Nothing shows up like white paper. hahha.

Anonymous said...

Love your book but I have to take exception to the "No TP" tip.

Tissue paper, when buried will compost nicely. Most gardeners know that composting works better with the proper mix of nitrogen rich material (like poop) and carbon rich material (like paper).

Personally, I'd rather stumble into an area with un-buried TP--as unsightly as it is--than find my self in the vicinity of an event as described in your book. If I see TP on the ground, I know to stay away from it. This is a much clearer indication of what happened in that spot than a bunch of rocks or grass with your excrement on them. The idea of someone grinding on clumps of grass on the ground is particularly disgusting. I can't think of a more disrespectful way to treat a trail and the pristine wilderness you so obviously value.

I also agree with the previous poster on the subject of ripping up plants. IMHO: Well buried toilet paper is less destructive than tearing up the local fauna.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said "The idea of someone grinding on clumps of grass on the ground is particularly disgusting. I can't think of a more disrespectful way to treat a trail and the pristine wilderness you so obviously value. "

So, you think all animal life avoids your pristine trail? Why would traces of animal feces be any less objectionable in your world view?

sageclegg said...

What about unfrozen water? Snow is nice, and smooth sticks & such...but after at least 800 dumps in the woods I must say just wiping up with a few handfuls of water and washing my hands real good with soap afterwards has become my favorite way of cleaning up. Happy dump dropping! This is a great post by the way!

sageclegg said...

Oh- I see the left hand sluice now! Excellent!!

Wimpie Mubi said...

I still do not accept anything edible from people who wipe with their (left) hands and wash (properly). I know it is a certain religious group of people, and I respect their culture, religion, etc. I also value my own, therefor, I do not EVER contemplate using anything else than bio-degradable TP and finishing it of with bio-degradable, anti-bacterial wet wipes, which are taken out of the packet before I do my thing. A proper hole for the business as well as the TP and wet-wipe suffice. A thorny branch (non-protected species) "affixed" with a stone on top of the covered business, adds to my effort to keep unwanted attention away. No cross contamination, no mess, no problem!

Unknown said...

I still do not accept anything edible from people who wipe with their left hands and wash (properly. I know it is a certain. wit

Anonymous said...

When I am away from plumbing I take along a piece of fine nylon mesh cut from a bath puff that you find in the bath products section of your grocery/drug store. It helps with the wholesale removal of substances from the area before this final touchy feely finger treatment.

I have my small puff in a cup that can be filled with dilute soap solution before the deeds are done. The puff has a piece of string attached, which keeps it bunched up and is used to spin out the water after the final rinse.

Using TP does not guarantee that a person's hands are going to be sanitary afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Dear Humble Blogger,
You, Sir, are Awesome! Thanks for the Great Advice!
Best Regards in Your Adventures!
The New Wilderness Woman

Anonymous said...

You're anti-bacterial wipes aren't cleaning you any more than a good soap and water wash. Actually you may be causing a bad situation over time as those wipes only encourage resistant bacterial stains to grow and prosper. Soap and water are superior because you are physically removing the germs from your skin, first by rubbing them loose, then rinsing them away. Wipes only rub the germs around. A few germs out there won't be killed by alcohol gel either due to being encapsulated and must be physically removed to avoid contamination. Hope that helps the perspective!

Anonymous said...

This is not a subject that I like to talk about although it is an important aspect of outdoor life. Tackling it wrong can spoil the whole trip. I usually always carry a (small) supply of toilet paper because I do not always find suitable natural material. To minimize the use of toilet paper my solution has been to be sure to squat really low down. To be direct, the butt crack then opens at most and the waste does not stick to the buttocks. This is the technical side of it. At the emotional side is the ability to relax and that is not always easy, especially when out there with a large group. Being caught is not least embarrassing for a middle aged woman, so I always make some efforts to find "the perfect spot". Then I am able to relax and then it usually ends up very well.

Anonymous said...

you people are making a science project out of this just find a private spot out of the way of trails and campsites cover it up well along with whatever used to wipe then wash your hands very well

Anonymous said...

want to sterilize your hands use ashes from a campfire

Anonymous said...

sorry and a little water campers lye soap-- I like this website-- camp on people-by the way anybody know of some other ways to charge 12 v batteries in the woods besides wind or solar??

Anonymous said...

Baby wipes

Unknown said...

I always make some efforts to find "the perfect spot". Then I am able to relax and then it usually ends up very well.
have a peek at this web-site

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of this guy my dad was telling me about who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with something he called a polishing rag.

Unknown said...

Also, as far as eco-friendliness goes, isn't adding all that extra soap (aka phosphate) into the environment a big no-no?

Anonymous said...

If you just use your hand, you're wrong. I didn't decide that, it's just the law. Like kicking a puppy. You should inherently know using your bare hand to wipe you're butt is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I have never managed to cope totally without paper. But I now only use a tiny piece. I do not know how to write about this in a proper way avoiding to give other persons private details that they do not want to have about me. But I take the chance. I guess all hikers know that going to toilet outside is part of the game and that sooner or later everyone has to face it. I first began experimenting with different techniques when I realized and really felt that going in the bushes had to be the routine and not only an emergency thing when staying outdoor. To me the first challenge is to find a suitable spot ensuring sufficient privacy. I think that most of us feel close encounters in the bushes somewhat embarrassing, not only being the one squatting but also when coming by. Then to the details. I place the feet as long apart as possible, pull shorts down to the knees, squat as low as possible, bend forward and then the most important detail. I use my hands to pull my buttocks aside so that the turds may slide out without making the skin dirty. First I wipe with some leaves then I use a small piece of paper to finish just around the opening. I often go in the morning and then I try to get it done before I take a bath or wash myself. I hope that there was not too much info here.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand the anxiety about having to poop in the woods, but everyone makes it sound like its a big mess. Most of the time when I poop at home, there isn't much to wipe. Sometimes, if I'm eating really well, there's nothing to wipe. In the woods, because my diet changes, there might be a little more to wipe, but the anxiety is more a fear of not getting it all more than anything. Is this something that is different from everyone else? Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The technical side of it usually is nothing to worry about. But when hiking with others the pricacy issue can be a challenge. For sure all of us do it, but I think most of us like to do it alone and do not like to be involved when our friends squat with a bare bum.

Anonymous said...

I have tried several substitutes for toilet paper when hiking. But I have not managed to liberate me from it totally. Deep squatting with legs spread as much as possibke, pulling the buttocks apart, bending sharply forward usually make me manage with a small piece to clean just around the opening. Sorry about the details. It is with some resistance a "lady" takes the chance to write about it. But as it is a challenge faced by all hikers I guess nobody will be offended. I must also say that I am no more really embarrassed about going to toilet in the wilderness. Usually it is quite simple and easy to find a secluded spot and when realizing that everybody else also do, it turns out to be a normal part of the trip.

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering when using the sluice method, is the bottle a designated bottle for this purpose or are you using you drinking water bottle. If it's a drinking bottle are you worried about contaminating thew bottle?

Brianna said...

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Anonymous said...

This is the exact kind of practice that gets everyone sick on trails like the AT - dirty, gross hippies with their poop in their fingernails and all over their fingers contaminating everything in camp and at shelters. This guy is disgusting.

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure old man's beard is one of the last things you want near your bunghole.

Stop your narsty habits and use some common sense.

Anonymous said...

OK so which is worse for the environment if buried in a hole, the TP or the feces? I just cant imagine that leaving your feces smeared all over different objects can be good. Do you also bury the sticks, rocks and other items you've used. It's also disgusting to me that when i sit on some grass, i may be sitting in the spot that someone has chosen to do the "butt scuff on dewey tufts of grass". On one hand you're telling us to bury it, and then you're recommending to smear it all over grass, sticks, rocks, etc. Makes no sense to me.

Johnson Karen said...

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Anonymous said...

I still stick to toilet paper. I have been hiking in the wilderness a couple of weeks every summer for about 45 years now, and I have tried a lot of substitutes but never really succeeded. As described above by someone, my best trick also is to squat as low as possible, so that the buttocks get well apart. Even for a mature woman with some athrosis that is possible. Then I usually manage with a small piece of paper. I have also found out that it is unwise to hurry up too much when wiping. Doing a good job at that moment prevents sore skin. And, as also pointed out above, finding the right spot giving a predictable situation prevents doing it all in a hurry. When I was younger I did not really care if someone should come by, but at an age of 65 I prefer to have those situations by myself, even though I certainly acknowledge that all hikers are in the same situation......

Unknown said...

I use the camping TP that you get at any RV shop or Walmart. I make sure it gets a good soaking and stirring after I am done and it breaks down easily. I am a hairy person and my behind is no exception and using natural methods (except for wooly lambs ear) leaves me with that little bit of klingons that cause me extreme rashes when sweating on the trail and everyone knows that having butt rash is no fun when you are days from anywhere.

Hygiene Services said...

Excellent Post!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely not in the spirit of the original post, but for occasional backpackers and particularly for those with kids, I recommend the following method (which is very clean). Before your trip, assemble the appropriate number of "poop kits" consisting of a nitrile glove, and one or 2 wet wipes in a lightweight zip-lock bag. They pack down very small. When you go to take care of business, grab a zip-lock and head out to the woods. just before getting into your preferred position, put the glove on your wiping hand and lay the wipe close by. After you wipe, turn the glove inside/out over the used wipe and put the whole mess into the zip-lock bag. These can be deposited into a larger bag back at camp that is packed out. This obviously generates some landfill waste and is not the most environmentally friendly approach, but for cleanliness and convenience... it is tough to beat.

Randy Cain said...

A few points:

* Toilet paper (even the so-called biodegradable kind) often does not magically disappear as some posters seem to think. In arid places like the Sierra in the west, TP may take years to decompose. I used to live in the east where soils are rich, rain is frequent, and decomposition probably is fairly quick. That doesn't mean the same occurs in other geographical regions, however.

* Many don't realize that in other areas of the world, the habits of smearing our poop down our cracks with TP would be considered poor hygiene compared to the cleaning method of using a hand and water and then washing your hands afterwards. Intuitively, you already know this, because you would agree that your ass feels cleaner after you scrub it with soap and water and a BARE hand in the shower. Thought of another way, if you got your hands all greasy, would you prefer to grab a napkin so you can remove the bulk of the problem but leave a nasty residue behind (think brown underwear) ...or head to a sink to scrub with soap and water? Which would leave you feeling more clean? I get first glance it seems disgusting to us. But read this article with an open mind and attempt to see things from another perspective. The method described is essentially the "sluice" method mentioned in this blog post. said...

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Unknown said...

Yes, yes and yes. 👍🏻

Amisha Patel said...

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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Please, please don't bury or burn toilet paper in the wilderness. I've seen (and cleaned up) way too many TP blooms. In your imagination, it breaks down quickly; in reality, it persists for years. I've also seen way too many burned out areas as a result of toilet paper burning. And you can never completely burn it anyway.

Please do yourself and everyone else a favor: Just carry it out. It's very simple to do! No different than carrying out your other garbage! Pro tip: Since you won't be flushing it, just take (and carry out!) cut-up squares of paper towels. They're easier to deal with and you can get away with using a lot less than you can with TP.

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sona said...

Lokbot said...

Firstly this post isn't about how tp is bad for the environment, it's about leave no trace ethics. Tp isn't bad for the environment, but it is an eyesore and I personally hate running into it when I hike. Some people argue that burying it is not enough and faced with the idea of packing out my tp or going with no tp I'd happily go without. I've been going tp free in the wilderness for 4 years. I usually bury the rocks I use in the cathole I've dug. I'm not sure if Mike was joking about scrubbing his bum on tufts of grass, and I can understand how that idea of coming upon a strip of poop smeared grass tufts would be gross, but if you pick your shit spots appropriately no one should really be stumbling on them as they should be significantly off trail or out of camp. Also enteric (intestinal) bacteria and viruses don't survive well when exposed to sunlight and open air for an extended time. Hike your own hike. Poop your own poop. Just please don't leave your tp or poop out on the surface for me to find later.

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Anonymous said...

I was once on a trailwork crew that camped in the backcountry for a weeklong hitch. One of the workers learned as we settled in, to her surprise and disgust, that there was no paper available and we were expected to use natural alternatives. She loudly announced on the first night that rather than do this, she would go the whole week without moving her bowels. We all had rather insulting trail names on that crew and hers became Clench for this reason. She soon became irritable and obviously uncomfortable, and her slow walk and stiff posture (she couldn't squat or bend over for any reason) kept her from getting much trailwork done. On the morning of the FOURTH(!) day, poor Clench could clench no more. This happened as we worked in the middle of a talus field, without so much as a blade of grass for privacy or cleanup. Several hikers passed us as she was doing her business. Her dignity and hygiene would have been in better shape had she just done as this post advises in the first place.

Arruda said...

We're not fucking animals anymore, you moron.

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous.
You talk about sticking freezing cold ice or rocks in your butt and give it max comfort?
Don't take too much grass from one spot?
Stir your crap with the top soil?

The author is OCD on this issue. They act like Toilet paper is plastic that never breaks down.
After reading this crap I am inclined to use extra thick TP and hang the dirty crap off random tree branches right before I stomp a few baby plants to death.
Libtards like this author are complete idiots. Nobody is going to haul around triple bagged crap in their pack. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Amusing posting! I have been an outdoor enthusiast for almost 50 years and I am very well used to going to toilet in nature. I have used grass, leaves and snow a few times, but I still prefer toilet paper. Perhaps TMI but my experience is that when squatting well down the need for wiping is minimized as the buttocks spread well away from each other. The challenge to a grandmother and a scout leader like me is not a technical one, it is to find a sufficiently secluded spot where to pull shorts down and squat when urge strikes, with a group of hyperactive youths running around. The feeling when being spotted is not nice, (I can confirm).

Anonymous said...

On a scouts' hike at the venturing program last summer we were supposed to use only natural materials. It went surprisingly well. (And a comment to the contribution above: I think it was not until I was about 15 years I realized that even the leaders had to poop in the bushes.)

Yogabob said...

Hi All -

Excellent thread! And it has been going on for years!!

My view, for what it's worth - here in Scotland it is basically wet. The most difficult aspect of toilet etiquette is how to prevent any residue from your dump site draining into water sources as virtually ALL ground drains to water sources. So, you have to roughly calculate the most indirect route water might take towards any river, small river, tiny stream or even depression which will ferry water at the next big downpour, or simply over time. Except in times of relative drought (and we have just had a several week long dry spell) when fire can be a real risk, we tend to burn TP, carefully, don't be stupid about it, and do the stir-and-incorporate thing, not too deep down as there is virtually no nitrogen and therefore little in the way of bacteria to help decompose the stuff, but not too shallow either. Otherwise, pack at least the paper out, and the goo if you have any doubts about location. As the man says, triple bag! Then make sure you thoroughly wash your paws, not always as easy as it appears. I have NEVER suffered V and D or any gastric episode bar the most minor of upsets, and those I put down simply to living 'close to the earth' and the different bugs that we all ingest one way or another when away from our more usual semi-sterile/differently bacteria-y environments. My one major event was an error, drinking water from way to far down a river with much livestock on higher ground, entirely my fault and not toilet etiquette related. And I am 60+ and have backpacked all my adult life...

Dawn Quillen said...

I thought I was going to lose my shit, literally, while reading this at funny! Great job on the article and on the ideas of wiping material that some people may not of considered using.

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Best thing I read all day :)

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Unknown said...

Bears shit in the woods and don't clean up. So does Bambi, Thumper, and Rocky. It's simple people, bury your shit with bio-degradable TP in at least 6 inches of dirt and no one will see it ever! I find more garbage like candy wrappers, protein bar wrappers and plastic bottles then I have ever found TP. In fact after 25 years and over 4500 miles I have yet to come across used TP from someone pooping.

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JUNAID said...

Thank you!

Doc said...

Good info, on the blog and many of the comments. Two main points:

A. Probably better to wash up where the deed is done rather than walk the residual contaminants back to camp and people.

B. Alcohol sanitizers are not adequate. If your hand are dirty, they need cleaning, not sanitizing. You have to get rid of gross contaniments first. Also, the big thing you are worried about on the trail is GI illnesses, particularly diarrheal illnesses. These can often be carried by spores and cysts which are impervious to alcohol sanitizers. Soap and water are what is needed.

Additional minor points: bar soap works fine, though there are travel advantages to both bar or liquid soaps, and personal preferences. Neither performs better from a cleaning or environmental standpoint. Also, be sure to wash (not just sanitize) hands before handling any food item.

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I have been using TP since I have such a hairy butt and not-so-solid dump. I do the deed, then wipe. Then, I dig the hole right next to the dump with my UL trowel. Use a stick to push TP into the hole and tamp down. Push the dump over that. Then cover with the soil from digging. I always push more soil from around the area, then tamp with my shoe. Finally, I wash with Cetaphil which has both unscented soap and alcohol. You want unscented so as not to attract bears and other omnivores. Rinse hands and good to go!

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Jovan said...

It is interesting to read that so many have such a negative feeling about using your hand along with water to wipe. Also, quite uninformed when talking about it as bad hygiene. Think about the wat TP is used, basically, you smear poop around your butthole, and especially, if you are like me, having a hairy butt, you coat the hairs as well with a thin layer of poop.

On the other hand, if you correctly use water and your hand, and then wash your hands afterward, you'll become sparkling clean. You should not use your fingernails when doing this, and then there will be no poop underneath your fingernails for you worried people out there ;)

Around 75% percent of the world's population use this method in their daily life. I came to think about a historical account from around the year 400 CE when some travelers from Persia encountered toilet paper in China. Their reaction was to write a full paragraph about how disgusting they thought this practice was. Today we are discussing the opposite :)

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